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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Freedom fries ,za pametnjakoviče ,ki mislijo ,da so upravičeni do kakega centa ,če jim gre orožja v plavž.  Ja pa na ablasti so desni konzervativci ,ki pridigajo da so seveda to zahteve iz EU  LOL


Norway plans to ban civilian semi-automatics by 2021.

[b]The right underlines that it is quite unrealistic to establish a compensation scheme for those who own such weapons - and now have to get rid of them ,owners have 3 years to sell them abroad or otherwise dispose of them [/b]

"We know that those who are hunters and engage in sports shooting are not in any way suspicious or willing to do such actions(kriminalna dejanja). But we still have a responsibility as politicians to reduce the number of weapons in circulation. Because they end up in the wrong hands, events like Utøya can happen, says Frølich in the Right.

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