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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
In še tole iz FirearmUnited FB strani (odgovor FU na nek FB komentar):

we are still working to get rid of what is left after we defeated the worst part. The text as came out yesterday is still a better starting point than we could expect.

• Grandfathering: the clause is there and remember, we are not talking of ALL semi-automatic rifles nor of ALL Category B7 rifles, only of demilitarized firearms (full-automatic converted from semi). They will NOT be available anymore for sale after the directive is adopted but they can still be owned, eg.: you can not buy anymore a converted Vz.58 but you can keep yours, and if you want a new Vz.58 after the directive, you can buy a CSA.

Do we like it? No. Are we working to fix it? Yes. But this is still a better starting point to work on than anything else, because remember that at one point we were close to a ban on all Category B7 firearms!

• Firearms shorter than 60cm with folding stocks: currently a firearm is considered a handgun by the European firearms directive if it is shorter than 60cm overall (with a stock open, if it has one) and has a barrel shorter than 30cm. If the laws in Slovakia are different, is because the directive allows individual Countries to be more restrictive, but not more permissive. In many Countries (including bigs such as Italy), the firearms you cited are handguns if their barrel lenght is under 30cm and if their overall length is under 60cm with stock folded or collapsed; that's the case, to say, of the CZ Scorpion 61 and of the new EVO-3 A1.

• Magazines: our sources state that the mandatory revocation of licenses if "found in possession" of magazines has been removed from the final text because it would be unenforceable and because it would make it retroactive, which is unconstitutional in the vast majority of Member States. It is thus very likely that high-capacity magazines already out there will remain as they were, particularly during implementation phase, as a mass confiscation or mandatory mass limitation would not only be unfeasible (because nobody know how many magazines are out there!) but also extremely expensive for the Member States. That is the reason why an outright ban with confiscation was written off for the firearms the Commission wanted to ban (there would be compensation to pay for the owners and for the companies that trade in those!), and that's why the restricted demilitarized firearms were covered by a grandfathering clause.

Once again: do we like it? No. Are we working to fix it? Yes.
The outcome of the trilogue is not the end, it's the beginning. Keep that in mind and enter in that mindset before asking more questions.

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