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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
(21-12-2016, 15:05)Mato Napisal: Po 146 straneh sranja in nakladanja boš pušil kurac nekje v letu 2017.

Kmečko enough?

Mato, sem se že nekaj časa spraševal, kam si poniknil; a očitno nisem bil edini, ki te je pogrešal :)

Kakorkoli, sem ravnokar pogledal na FirearmsUnited FB stran in našel FU razlago predloga direktive:

as we wrote, the consolidated text is unlikely to be made officially available before January 2017. However, as our media partners of GUNSweek.com wrote, it is likely to contain the provisions that emerged in late November:

• Semi-automatic rifles and pistols will NOT be moved to Category A and will NOT be banned; they will stay where they are – including Category B7 firearms that are civilian counterparts of military firearms.

• The only semi-automatic firearms that are moved to Category A are the demilitarized firearms – this means, those that were originally full-automatic firearms and were purchased from government stocks to be converted from full-auto to semi-auto for civilian sales. In many western European Countries, those now represent a very tiny portion of all military-style semi-automatic civilian firearms; they are however still the majority in eastern Europe, hence why we are working to unfuck this up. What is clear is that they will be covered by a "grandfathering clause"; this means that once each Member State has implemented the directive, no new demilitarized firearm could be put on the market, but the existing ones will still be legal to own, use, trade, and leave as heirlooms.

• Semi-automatic firearms with detachable magazines would be classified as Category A only WHEN attached with a "high capacity" magazine. This does not translate in a ban on the guns themselves but in a ban of the magazines – with an exception for "sport shooters" who will still be able to purchase and use those magazines. We are of course working to unfuck this as well, if anything because this is an outright unenforceable restriction.

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