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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Kot kaže je EK (evropska komisija) na sinočnja pogajanja prišla s povsem novimi predlogi?
“The Commission presented completely new proposals during the meeting, which is very unusual practice,” said Dita Charanzová, a Czech Liberal MEP who was at the meeting. “I haven’t experienced this before.”


Grem zdaj iskat, če je Fordova kaj objavila na FB ali TW.

Update by Dita Charanzova, shadow rapporteur at IMCO and our best fighter in the whole EP.

In first place, big thanks for all the support!

And because I get many messages with question 'How did it go yesterday', here is a summary: trialog sat down, representatives of Commision, Council and Parlament. To pass the material, these 3 sides had to agree on some kind of compromise, about which the Parliament would vote in the finale (in several months).
That didnt happen, we were not able to agree.
The truth is, some political parties, including the rapporter did push a lot so that we could get to some kind of compromise in keypoints.
I was absolutely against it, it was about key moments in text, like categorization or deactivation. We will see how it will evolve. If i took anything from yesterday (meeting), here, more then anywhere else the truth is:
Until everything is agreed (done), nothing is agreed (done).
Compromise is always possible, but for me I say: Not for any price.

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