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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Zadeva gre v naslednjo fazo , sistem melje nič se ne da preveč motit.

Citat:Gun control: Internal Market MEPs give go-ahead for negotiations to start with EU governments

IMCO Press release - Justice and home affairs / Free movement of goods − 05-09-2016 - 18:55
Parliament’s Internal Market Committee gave today the green light for the opening of the negotiations with the EU Council of Ministers on the revision of the EU firearms directive by 24 votes to three, with five abstentions. The three-way talks between Parliament, Council and Commission negotiators (“trilogues”) are due to start at the end of September.

The amendments to the proposed revision of the EU firearms directive were approved in the committee on 13 July (see press release and report).

Speaking after July’s vote, the committee chair and rapporteur, Vicky Ford (ECR, UK), who will be leading the negotiations with the Slovak Presidency of the Council, said:

“The Paris and Charlie Hebdo attacks highlighted the potential dangers of blank firing or 'acoustic' weapons being reactivated. We have taken action to close that loophole and make it more difficult for these firearms to fall into the hands of terrorists who use them for such bloody carnage.

The Commission's proposal was poorly drafted in many parts. We have tried to take into consideration all the concerns of law-abiding citizens to make sure that they can continue with their sports, military enactments and traditional hunting.

My priority will continue to be closing the loopholes, without causing unintended consequences for legitimate gun owners. I will continue with this approach as we start talks with EU governments to deliver the final directive."

At today’s meeting, Vicky Ford announced that she has written to the European Commission, on behalf of the EP Internal Market Committee, requesting specific information on concrete types of firearms and figures. For MEPs, it is important that clarity can be given to citizens as to which concrete types of firearms would be affected by the proposal.


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