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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Dva nova dokumenta iz Firearms United:

Reliable sources have warned us that several important amendments from the original 847 proposed by IMCO MEPs are likely to end up in badly-drafted Compromise Amendments.
It would appear that the positive stand originally taken by EPP, ECR and ALDE has been watered down to garner the support of S&D and the Greens as well as to align the final IMCO report with the General Approach approved by Council.
FIREARMS UNITED has worked ceaselessly over the past weeks to analyse the Amendments and to inform its supporters. Two summaries are provided which are the result of the views of our working team and partners. Being work in progress we may at this stage still have differing views.
Expert Opinion of Firearms United
This is a summary comparison between the Firearms Directive 91/477/ECC, its amended version 2008/51/EC, Commission’s Proposal 2015/0269 and the 847 Amendments made by IMCO MEPs.
Text proposed to be deleted from the 1991 version is highlighted in red as is text that the Commission wants to add to introduce disproportionate measures affecting legal gun owners that have no benefit to improving public security. Text which in our opinion represents a sensible solution is marked in blue as is our opinion and justification,
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