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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju

"I would like to have a word with hunters and Olympic discipline shooters here. In the words of the European Commission itself, “we are proposing to ban the acquisition of the most dangerous semi-automatic weapons by private persons. The remaining semi-automatic firearms used for hunting or sport shooting can still be owned by private persons subject to authorisation.”

In other words, the Commission wants you to say "Phew, what luck - they're not coming for OUR guns!"

Remember that this is exactly how the current draconian gun laws in England started in 1987: ban on possession of semiautomatic military-style rifles, because "it's not a sporting gun, it's not a hunting gun, no one needs it".

I believe that this example (and many others follow) illustrates precisely how those politically incorrect black rifles actually create a buffer zone before a ban on your hunting or sporting rifle and pistol - once the black rifles are gone, YOU are next. "

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