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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Posredujem odgovor poslanske skupine GroenLinks, ki sodi k evropskim zelenim. Po njihovem v EU kar se tiče posesti orožja, vlada nekakšen divji zahod, ki ga je treba strožje regulirati. Malce dvomim, da jih bomo z vsemi argumenti uspeli prepričati v nasprotno.

Citat:Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the revision of Directive 2008/51/EC.

We can assure you that GroenLinks Europe will look very carefully at the revision of Directive 2008/51/EC. However, the review process is currently in its initial phase. We want to assess all the details of the proposal before taking a final position.

Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, the awareness to take additional measures is strengthened in Directive 2008/51 / EC. There should be improved controls on the acquisition and possession of weapons. We consider it necessary not only because of the terrorist attacks but in general because of security issues related to trafficking and to better address the possession of weapons.

One of the new provisions proposed by the European Commission was to change the layout of the specific category of semi-automatic firearms. Under the existing Directive, semi-automatic firearms are covered under category B7 and legal weapons will be therefore available with a permit. In the revision of Directive 2008/51/EC, the same group of semi-automatic firearms will be prohibited.

We generally share the opinion of the European Commission that at least some semi-automatic firearms pose a threat to security because they can be easily converted to automatic weapons and have the capacity to cause significant damage. During the legislative process, the European Parliament and the EU Council will try to find a suitable solution for hunters and marksmen, without losing sight of our safety.

We believe that there is a need to clarify Directive 2008/51/EC. We also believe that at European level harmonization should take place so particularly dangerous firearms are banned for civilian use.


On behalf of MEPs Bas Eickhout and Judith Sargentini,

GroenLinks Europe

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