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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Slabo si gledal, ker je to povsem isto sranje kot ga zagovarja Komisija le zapakirano v leporečje (tako kot ga želijo nekateri na tem forumu, kjer nekoga vljudno z nasmeškom zaštihaš v hrbet in ti mora rečt še hvala):

Citat:In its proposal the commission wishes to amend Annex I of the Directive so as to add in category A "automatic firearms which have been converted to semi-automatic firearms" and "firearms under points 1 to 7 after having been deactivated", consequently prohibiting such firearms. The rapporteur supports this provision.
Isto kar predlaga Komisija kaj je point DEKO če je potem prepovedano WTF?

Citat:The commission also wishes to move the so called B7 category of "semi-automatic firearms for civilian use resembling automatic firearms" to category A. The Rapporteur recognizes that this provision is neither comprehensible nor practically implementable in its current shape, since it is does not distinguish between physical appearance and technical characteristics. Instead of the mere looks of a weapon, technical criteria should be decisive, such as excitation energy of the firearm, the calibre, possibility of attaching a large magazine; or other properties that are not justified for good cause such as pistol grip, foldable stock, cooling systems et cetera. The Rapporteur urges the Commission to reconsider its proposal on this point.

Amero style (oz. Komifornija) bullshit, kjer boš na konc mel absurd, da kalaš bo prepovedan, Saiga bo dovoljena, če boš pa zamenjal legalno dovoljene stvari kot so raznorazni kopiščki in dal gor večji magazin boš pa kazensko obravnavan, če te bodo dobil... 

Citat:irearms and security relating to firearms. Therefore, further security measures should be introduced, especially as regards safe storage of firearms, since such measures are vital in order to prevent the misuse of firearms, shooting rampages, suicides and accidents with firearms. 

Nekaj kar sploh ni v direktivi bi oni še dodajal!!!!

Citat:1b. For the purposes of this Directive, "essential component" shall mean the barrel, frame, receiver, slide or cylinder, bolt or breach block, magazine and any device designed or adapted to diminish the sound caused by firing a firearm which, being separate objects, are included in the category of the firearms on which they are or are intended to be mounted

Magazin bo sedaj bistven sestavni del orožja HAAAAAAAAAAAFUCKINGLOOOOOO???

Citat:1. Member States shall ensure that any firearm or essential component thereof placed on the market has been marked in a durable way and registered in compliance with this Directive. 
Sedaj se bodo štempljali tudi magazini in vodila evidenca in vpisovali v orožne liste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Citat:(ba) enclose a proof of liability insurance covering personal injury and property damage when applying for a firearms licence. The competent authorities shall require the production of proof of such liability insurance at regular intervals.

Vsak lastnik orožja bo moral imeti zavarovanje za odgovornost tako kot avto-> WTF?!?!??!

Citat:2. Member States shall provide for standardised tests for issuing or renewing authorisations as referred to in paragraph 1, investigating the physical, mental and cognitive aptitude of the applicant, and shall withdraw authorisations if any of the conditions on the basis of which it was granted is no longer met. Upon renewal of a licence, a less stringent follow-up test shall be carried out. 
No še vedno ostane 5 let in STANDARDNI (za cel EU) testi ampak po prvem testu lahko nato na vsake 5 let neke "lažje" teste opravljajo ljudje .... super ne....

Citat:2a. So long as the correct procedure for the standardised test is followed, no liability shall attach to the authority issuing the test certificate. Or. en Justification If authorities are to make adequate standard suitability tests as a prerequisite for issuing or renewing a license, they are not to be held liable if the person granted the license commits a criminal offence using a firearm afterwards. Otherwise, for example doctors may oppose to carry out such medical tests in order not to hold the responsibility if a person's character or his or her psychological and physical conditions experiment a sudden change. 
 Aha se pravi da dohtarji ne bi zavrnili dela, ker s brezveznim testom sami vedo, da ne bi mogli 100% zagotoviti, da kdo nebi pobil pol mesta se bomo pred tem zavarovali tako, da bomo že v direktivi odvezali vse odgovornosti za te teste (kar povedano drugače pomeni, da se zavedamo da so bullshit ampak bomo ljudi vseeno zajebavali, ker je itak naš cilj zmanjšati število orožja in lastnikov orožja)!!!!!!

Citat:In special cases, and without prejudice to paragraph 1, the competent authorities may grant authorisations for possession of such firearms and ammunition where this is not contrary to public security or public order. Or. en Justification Several member states have organized their shooting practice for defence forces or reservists through sport shooting organisations. Exceptions must to be possible for special cases like this. 
Aha ampak v posebnih primerih (ki jih bo določal KDO?!) je pa vse zgornje bullshit in je dovoljeno seveda ker gre za zadeve v interesu obrambe države (beri organiziranega urjenja za pobijanje ljudi)....

Citat:The acquisition of firearms and their parts and ammunition concerning categories A, B and C by means of distance communication, as defined in Article 2 of Directive 97/7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (*), shall be authorised only with respect to dealers and brokers and shall be subject to the strict control of the Member States. In special circumstances, exceptions may be made if PE576.870v01-00 14/19 PA\1086046EN.doc EN the handing-over of firearms, their parts and ammunition takes place at the dealer's or relevant authorities' premises. 

Internet sales seveda da ampak morajo brokerji med sabo potem urediti -> se pravi egun kupiš se zmeniš plačaš potem se bosta pa dva trgovca dogovarjala kako bosta si orožje poslala med sabo in koliko zaračunala kljub dejstvu da vse državne stvari (registracija in odjava) lahko opravi vsaka fizična oseba in ima država vso potrebno evidenco!...
Citat:Member States shall arrange for their duty surplus stock weapons hitherto used by their police, customs and military to be destroyed. 
Nema odprodaje surplusa... Verjetno je pa dovoljeno podarjanje v humanitarne namene recimo v Sirijo in Afganistan!
Citat:Member States shall establish rules on the safe storage of firearms and ammunition that meet standards equivalent to those laid down in the Agreement on the European Economic Area, ensuring that firearms and ammunition are kept in such PE576.870v01-00 16/19 PA\1086046EN.doc EN a way as to preclude any risk of their being accessed by unauthorised persons. Or. en Justification Safe storage is essential to reducing the risk of thefts, accidents, homicides and suicides. 

Aha kako že bo imel sef poleg ključavnice še vprašalnik o trenutnem počutju in te spraševal toliko časa, da če si slučajno suicidalen se greš raje obesit namesto ustrelit, da bo statistika kar se tiče samomorov z orožjem lepša????
Citat:In Category B, the following point is added: "7a. Magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds". 

US here we come!
Citat:"5. Alarm and signal weapons as well as replicas; salute and acoustic weapons shall remain in the category in which they would fall according to how they were originally built. 6. Firearms under category B and points 1 to 5 of category C, after having been deactivated." 6. Firearms under categories A, B, C and D that have been deactivated in accordance with Commission Regulation on the deactivation." 

Tole je sicer zmedeno ampak če zastopim prav bodo deaktivirano orožje po tem predlogu uvrstili kar v kategorijo v kateri je prej bil kar pomeni zakaj imamo že deaktivirano sploh????
Citat:Where a person has lawfully acquired magazines or other essential components of firearms prior to the entry into force of this Directive, and such magazines or other essential components become subject to a licence requirement by virtue of this Directive, the person concerned shall register those magazines or essential components in writing with the competent authorities by [ ]*at the latest. ____________ *one year after the date of entry into force of this Directive. 

Ma nemoj celo leto so dali da folk najde magazine in jih registrira....

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