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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
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"Member States and NGOs agreed that implementing the Directive 477/91 would be useful for preventing diversion of firearms from the legal market to the illegal market. The private parties argued that Member States already had strict regulations covering this aspect and were concerned about possible negative consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises. Many private stakeholders were particularly concerned by amendments to categories that could jeopardize hunting and sports shooters activities."

"Due to the urgency of the proposal in the light of recent events, it is submitted without an impact assessment."

"Consequently, for the most dangerous firearms (category A) stricter rules have been introduced – even if they are deactivated. This means that deactivated firearms from Category A will not be allowed to be owned nor traded (except for museums)"

"Semi-automatic weapons represent a high share of today's hunting and sport-shooting weapons. However, the evaluation study concludes that some semi-automatic arms can be easily converted to automatic arms, and the existing Directive does not provide any technical criteria to prevent such conversion. However, even in the absence of conversion to category 'A', certain semi-automatic firearms can be very dangerous when their capacity regarding the number of rounds is high. The proposal bans the semi-automatic weapons which are included in the current category 'B7'."

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