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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
V zvezi s peticijo, objavljeno pred 5 min. na FB.

Update for today, nearly 25000 signatures in 24 hours.
Germany keeps coming with more
Poland slowing down a bit
Per Capita the best effort comes out of Malta, Finland and Slovenia, ...
This does not mean they produce most signatures, but it does mean they are getting the most per 1000 inhabitans.
The least would then be Cyprus, Romania and Greece. with nothing materializing there.
Of the Top 6 biggest member states Germany (Biggest of all) is doing very well per capita, followed by Poland (smallest of top 6).
Next is France, Uk, Italy and Spai where we see very little signatures.
So thanks to Germany and Poland the petition grow, France and UK are starting to warm up.. Italy and definately Spain are delivering at this time.
The Biggest 6 have the best potential, so it is important that those countries get organized.
Who is in Spain?
Have you contacted your rifle clubs and organisations?
Are people talking about it?
Can somebody get me a good Spanish translation

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