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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Aja, pa to, da zadeva ne bo tako hitro sprejeta in podobno, iz Bruslja prihajajo povsem drugačne informacije, spet, copy/paste iz  ENG (vir: delovna skupina Firearms United):

Ladies and gentlemen, the situation is far worse than anticipated, we are talking shit-tsunami here. Here's what we learned:
1- The proposed draft was put on the table again from the French, wich, strong of 130 victims, said "this has to be done, now". From what we learned, ALL the representatives of the other EU countries voted YES, so whatever they are telling You now is probably a big load of bullshit.
2- The proposed changes could become law in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS, if there are other incidents even faster. If this amendments pass, the member states will have no choice but to conform to the directive.
We now have contact with Italian manufacturers through the Commitee, they didn't see this coming. We are trying to convince them to work with us and sponsor a PR campaign of big proportions: TV, newspapers, advertisement. They want to feel support from the people to do this, so it's of PARAMOUNT importance that we do our jobs well.
This is it, guys. this is the very reason Firearms United was born: we need to convince people to sign the petition, contact manufacturer's associations, the media and our government representatives.
Weapons are part of my religion. This is the way!

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