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Zaostritev EU zakonodaje o orožju
Kratek povzetek kaj vse še so mokre sanje Eu zakonodajalcev glede orožja, sorry je copy/paste v ENG:

You MAY have missed some evident points in the proposal:
1. Blank firing guns shall move to Category C = good reason and registry and license.
2. All licenses only valid for 5 years
3. All licenses only extended with medical attest
So by now this purposal does not only tackle law abiding gun owners, but at least 50% of the citizens in the EU.
We know that our "big association" may handle the semiautomatic issue. But none of them will inform the 250.000.000 owners and future owners of blank firing guns. These guns are bought by ordinary people for the worst case: hot burglary or rape. We should use this fact - as nobody else will do. And the moment could not be better. For silvester millions of people buy blank catridges and pyros in gun shops.....
There is even more: collector of deactivated, former automatical guns, will have Cat A guns (forbidden) and every other will have Cat B guns. (medical attest etc.)
I got an email by an ordinary shooter who will support our IPSC shooters, even when he does not like semiautomatic guns - because of the 5 years with medical attest.

Fajn ane? Snooty
Weapons are part of my religion. This is the way!

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